I enjoy making things that are approachable, yet odd. Something familiar, but new, off kilter, funny. My practice involves research, creation, iteration, and reflection. I work to help people feel happy, connected, and intrigued.   
I create works of art and design to start conversation. There is one video in particular that exemplifies how people interact when they inhabit separate digital worlds: we speak but do not listen.
Interactions like this multiply. Be it anger or praise, communities grow and polarize. There is no actual conversation occurring, instead, we see trolling and strengthened echo chambers. 
Genuine candid conversation is a radical tool. Conversing with someone, when honest, direct, and somewhat humorous, allows for two people to subconsciously open their minds.
I strive to spark conversation, questions, and to bring people together through novel methods of making and via mediums that explore both physicality and our shared digital landscape. 

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